The DESCAP Approach To Action Plans

Nothing, of essence and/ or significance, in terms of effectively leading, and making a quality difference for the better, happens, until/ unless, an individual focuses on how to achieve his objectives, instead of over – relying, merely, on empty promises, and over – stated, rhetoric! True leaders, therefore, emphasize, considering thoroughly, what they want to achieve, and their reasons, in a relevant, sustainable manner. Once one’s strategy, and strategic plan, is well – considered, it must be followed – up, with a step – by – step, meaningful, action plan. With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what I refer to as the DESCAP concept/ approach, to action planning.1. Determine: Begin, by determining your priorities, and those of the organization and stakeholders, as well as the needs, strengths, weaknesses, relevance, and sustainability, and why others should become strongly connected with the particular group! How will you determine this, and what will you do, in response, to achieve the necessary goals and objectives?

2. Empathy; emphasis: Take the time, and commit to, proceeding with the utmost degree of genuine empathy, by speaking less, and effectively listening more, so you can learn, and understand, the perceptions and priorities, of those you represent! Empathetic leaders, consistently, learn from every conversation and experience, and, thus, know where to place their emphasis.3. Strategy; strategic planning: Rather than focusing, merely on being popular, and/ or a populist leader, seek to develop and follow, a strategy, which will make the group, stronger, and better! Create a step – by – step, plan, and professionally, proceed, with the utmost degree of quality, strategic planning.4. Creativity; cooperation: Do not be one of the pseudo – leaders, who proceed, fearful of expanding their personal, comfort zone, and rather, be ready, willing and able, to proceed, with relevant, well – considered, creativity, to be the most relevant, sustainable leader, possible! When you articulate a clear, compelling message, others will be far more willing, to emphasize and consider, consistent cooperation.5. Actions; attention; action plans: Judge a leader, not by his rhetoric and/ or promises, but, rather, by the quality and relevance of his actions! Does he pay attention to, the past, present and future needs, focus, and heritage/ mission, of the organization? Until/ unless someone uses this approach, and develops professionally – designed, action plans, the probability of relevant, focused, effective leadership, is diminished!

6. Proceed forward: Beware, you must go beyond, merely considering what is needed, but must proceed forward, in a relevant, sustainable manner, and implement your action plan!This DESCAP approach to action planning, is a simplified, first – step, to becoming one of the few, meaningful leaders, rather than merely, another of the rest – of – the – pack! Are you ready to commit?